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416 pages

The Truth Machine

Creator: James L. Halperin | Fiction - 1997-08-01

The creator of a Truth Machine that promises to revolutionize the criminal justice system in the America of the year 2004 must conceal his own shocking act of treachery from his own creation or face his execution. Reprint.

Publisher: Del Rey

About this book
Prepare to have your conception of truth rocked to its very foundation.It is the year 2004. Violent crime is the number one political issue in America. Now, the Swift and Sure Anti-Crime Bill guarantees a previously convicted violent criminal one fair trial, one quick appeal, then immediate execution. To prevent abuse of the law, a machine must be built that detects lies with 100 percent accuracy.Once perfected, the Truth Machine will change the face of the world. Yet the race to finish the Truth Machine forces one man to commit a shocking act of treachery, burdening him with a dark secret that collides with everything he believes in. Now he must conceal the truth from his own creation . . . or face his execution.By turns optimistic and chilling--and always profound--The Truth Machine is nothing less than a history of the future, a spellbinding chronicle that resonates with insight, wisdom . . . and astounding possibility."PROFOUND."--Associated Press

308 pages

Psychotherapy Tradecraft, The Technique and Style of Doing Therapy

Creator: Theodore H. Blau | Psychology - 1988-01-01

The Origins of Psychotherapy Tradecraft There has always been a need for help by suffering humans. We can assume that as long as homo sapiens has had language and tribal ritual, some of these needs have been spiritual and emotional.

Publisher: Routledge

178 pages

La symphonie pastorale

Creator: André Gide | Fiction - 2008

Premier cahier 10 février 189. La neige, qui n'a pas cessé de tomber depuis trois jours, bloque les routes. Je n'ai pu me rendre à R... où j'ai coutume depuis quinze ans de célébrer le culte deux fois par mois.

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Alloy Metal Rotor Head Upgrade Kit For Esky Big Lama (Purple)

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  • china

    Esky LAMA V4 RC Helicopter Spare Parts Screw Sets 000399

    CE (china)

  • KPRShop

    ESKY F150 RC Helicopter Parts Swashplate Set

    Single Detail Page Misc (KPRShop)

  • Big Bargain

    Esky Honey Bee CP3 RC Helicopter Parts Digital Servo 7.5g 000155

    CE (Big Bargain)

  • Waltzmart

    Waltzmart A B Upper Lower Main Blade For Esky LAMA V3 V4 Apache Walkera RC Helicopter Pack of 20

    Toy (Waltzmart)

    Easy to repair
    Suitable for Esky Lama V3, V4, Walkera 5#4 Etc.
    Brand new and high quality.

  • china

    Esky LAMA V4 RC Helicopter Spare Parts Main Motor 000159

    CE (china)

  • china

    Esky LAMA V6 RC Helicopter Spare Parts Fuselage Red Canopy 000592

    CE (china)

  • Big Bargain

    Esky 300 RC Helicopter Accessories Main Motor Mot180 000160

    Toy (Big Bargain)

  • boonseller

    Rc Helicopter Pitch Gauge for Esky Belt Cp V2 King 3 Replace Ek1-0348

    Single Detail Page Misc (boonseller)

    1.Simple pitch gauge to set main blade angles on your RC helicopter
    Pitch Gauge For E-FLITE 400 Belt CP / v2 Trex 450 King 2 King3 walkera Rc Helicopter
    2.Be suitable for most blade sizes in the range 400-600 series, e.g. Esky HB king 2, Belt-CP, CP2 Eflite Blade 400 Walkera 22 36 60 etc.
    3.Along with blade tracking and balancing, correct pitch will ensure good lift and keep your helicopter running sweetly
    4.Automatic spring slide clip attaches to blade leaving hands free to make adjustments

  • china

    Esky Lama V3 V4 V5 R22 RC Heli Accessories Purple Upgrade Metal Set

    CE (china)

  • china

    Esky 150 Mini RC Helicopter Parts Swashplate

    CE (china)