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40 pages

Vic Hislop shark man

Creator: Vic Hislop | Juvenile Nonfiction - 1993

Years before, Vernon Harrison was rescued in Moreton Bay sitting on an esky with Tigers biting the esky. So we find that the boat sank and the ... He said he couldn't have lasted much longer when the helicopter miraculously found him.

500 pages

Sacred Stone

Creator: Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo | Audiobooks. - 2008-03-04

... the large hot tubs on the rear deck, and the host of smaller boats, personal watercrafts, and helicopter that she carried. ... Along with the leader, Al- Khalifa, and the follower, Esky— both now on shore— were six more men.

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

About this book
Clive Cussler debuted his new series, The Oregon Files, with the incredible adventure of Golden Buddha. Now he follows that triumph with Sacred Stone, a rollicking new tale featuring the enigmatic captain of The Oregon, Juan Cabrillo. In the remote wastes of Greenland, an ancient artifact possessing catastrophic radioactive power is unearthed. But the astounding find puts the world at risk. Caught between two militant factions bent on wholesale slaughter, Juan Cabrillo and his network of spies known as The Corporation must fight to protect the stone-and prevent the outbreak of World War III. In the remote wastes of Greenland, a young scientist has unearthed an artifact hidden in a cave for a millennium-a 50,000-year-old meteorite known as the Sacred Stone, which possesses potentially catastrophic radioactive power. But the astounding find places him in the crosshairs of two opposing terrorist groups who seek the stone for themselves. One is a group of Muslim extremists who have stolen a nuclear device. With the power of the meteorite, they could vaporize any city in the West. The other group is led by a megalomaniacal industrialist who seeks to carry out the utter annihilation of Islam itself. Caught between two militant factions bent on wholesale slaughter, Juan Cabrillo and his ship of high-tech mercenaries known as the Corporation must fight to protect the Sacred Stone-and prevent the outbreak of World War III.

267 pages

Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems

Creator: Guowei Cai, Ben M. Chen, Tong Heng Lee | Computers - 2011-06-09

Interested readers are referred to more acrobatic flight demonstrations on the RC-hobby websites (see, eg, [55–57]). ... From Table 1.1, we can clearly observe that they are much less powerful than Type I helicopters.

Publisher: Springer Verlag

About this book
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that is equipped with necessary data processing units, sensors, automatic control and communications systems, and is capable of performing autonomously flight missions without a human pilot. Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems provides a complete treatment of the design of fully autonomous miniature rotorcraft UAVs. It is an integration of advanced technologies developed in communications, computing and control areas. In particular, it focuses on: the systematic hardware construction; software systems integration; aerodynamic modeling; and automatic flight control system design. Emphasis is extended to the cooperative control and flight formation of multiple UAVs, and vision-based ground target tracking and landing on moving platforms. Other issues such as the development of GPSless indoor micro aerial vehicles and vision-based navigation are also highlighted. The proposed monograph aims to explore the research and development of fully functional miniature UAV (unmanned-aerial-vehicle) rotorcraft. This consists of a small-scale basic rotorcraft with all necessary accessories onboard, and a ground station. The unmanned system is an integration of advanced technologies developed in communications, computing and control areas. It is an excellent testing ground for trialing and implementing modern control techniques. It is however a highly challenging process. The aerodynamics of a small-scale rotorcraft such as a hobby helicopter are similar to its full-scale counterpart but has some unique characteristics, such as the utilization of stabilizer bar and higher main/tail rotors rotation speed. Besides these, the strict limitation on payload also increases the difficulty on upgrading a small-scale rotorcraft to a UAV with full capacities. Based on its various characteristics and limitations, a light-weight but effective onboard computer system with corresponding onboard/ground software should be carefully designed to realize the system identification and automatic flight requirements. These issues will be addressed in detail in this monograph. Research on the following will be detailed: utilizing the vision-based system for accomplishing ground target tracking; attacking and landing; cooperative control and flight formation of muitiple unmanned rotorcraft; future research directions on the related areas. The book will be a good reference for researchers and students working on the related subjects. Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems will be of great value to practicing engineers in rotorcraft industries and to researchers in areas related to the development of unmanned systems in general. It may be used as a reference for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in aeronautics and astrinautics, electrical and mechanical engineering.

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  • Hooshion®

    Hooshion® USB Flight Simulator FMS Cable for RC Helicopter Airplane Remote Controller

    PC Accessory (Hooshion®)

    Input: 4-8 channel PPM signal.
    It can transfer the PPM signal to PC internal channel control vector.
    Supports Esky, Futaba, JR, FS simulator software.
    Free Download FMS Software Web: flying-model-simulator.com.
    Connection of a remote control to a parallel port.

  • eSky

    Esky 4 Channel Nano 2.4 Ghz Remote Control Helicopter

    Toy (eSky)
    List Price: $129.99
    Price: $29.99
    You Save: $100.00 (77%)

    "5 in 1" Mix Controller(W/Gyro,Servo,ESC,Mi xer,Receiver)
    Range of up to 300 Feet
    4 Channel 2.4 Ghz Helicopter
    3.7V 320mAh Li-po Battery · 6V/12V Charger

  • Surepromise

    Surepromise USB Flight Simulator Cable For Dx5E Dx6I Dx7 Jr Futaba Rc Realflight Spektrum Esky Fms (Practice With Your Rc Helicopter Controller On Pc)

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Surepromise)

    Brand new high quality USB flight simulator cable for dx5e dx6i dx7 JR futaba etc.
    CD driver x 1?the length of cable: 143cm
    This cable can link with real r/c helicopter controller, then you can practice with your helicopter models on the pc.
    Cable adaptor for dx5e x 1, cable adaptor for dx6i x 1, cable adaptor for dx7 x 1 , data cable for JR futaba x 1
    Comes with USB cable and adaptors. Perfectly supports futaba, JR, esky, spectrum, realflight g4, g5, reflex xtr, aerofly, fms etc.

  • Big Bargain

    Esky 300 RC Helicopter Accessories Main Motor Mot180 000160

    Toy (Big Bargain)

  • China

    ESKY F150 MINI Scale Lama Three-axis Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter

    CE (China)

  • boonseller

    Rc Helicopter Pitch Gauge for Esky Belt Cp V2 King 3 Replace Ek1-0348

    Single Detail Page Misc (boonseller)

    Rating (1 reviews):

    Five Stars

    0 5/5 Richard J. - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Rc Helicopter Pitch Gauge for Esky Belt Cp V2 King 3 Replace Ek1-0348 Nice product, great service! 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , August 5, 2014
    2.Be suitable for most blade sizes in the range 400-600 series, e.g. Esky HB king 2, Belt-CP, CP2 Eflite Blade 400 Walkera 22 36 60 etc.
    1.Simple pitch gauge to set main blade angles on your RC helicopter
    3.Along with blade tracking and balancing, correct pitch will ensure good lift and keep your helicopter running sweetly
    4.Automatic spring slide clip attaches to blade leaving hands free to make adjustments
    Pitch Gauge For E-FLITE 400 Belt CP / v2 Trex 450 King 2 King3 walkera Rc Helicopter

  • Waltzmart

    Waltzmart A B Upper Lower Main Blade For Esky LAMA V3 V4 Apache Walkera RC Helicopter Pack of 20

    Toy (Waltzmart)

    Easy to repair
    Brand new and high quality.
    Suitable for Esky Lama V3, V4, Walkera 5#4 Etc.

  • china

    Esky Lama V3 V4 V5 R22 RC Heli Accessories Purple Upgrade Metal Set

    CE (china)

  • Big Bargain

    Esky Honey Bee CP3 CPX CT Helicopter Parts 370 Super Motor 002393

    CE (Big Bargain)

  • surepromise

    12 in 1 USB Flight Simulator Cable for Esky Spektrum Transmitters for Realflight G2/g3/g3.5/g4/g4.5/g5, Reflex Xtr, Rerofly Professional Deluxe, Phoenixrc 2.0/2.5/3.0, Virtual Rc Racing

    Video Games (surepromise)

    12 in 1 simulator USB x1/ High quality Audio master cable x1/ ESKY connector x1(round)/ FUTABA connector x2(round and square)/ DVD x2/
    Comes with USB cable and adaptors.
    Brand new high quality USB Flight Simulator Cable for RealFlight G2/G3/G3.5/G4/G4.5/G5, Reflex XTR, ReroFly Professional Deluxe, PhoenixRC 2.0/2.5/3.0, Virtual RC Racing
    This cable can link with real R/C Helicopter Controller, then you can practice with your helicopter models on the PC.