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65 pages

Airborne laser fluorosensing of surface water chlorophyll a̲

Creator: M. Bristow, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory (Las Vegas, Nev.) | Technology & Engineering - 1979

Direct grab sampling from the helicopter would eliminate this problem although the helicopter rotor down-wash might ... Specifically, the discussion centers on the validity of the assumptions that the fluorescence cross section <rc and the water ...

826 pages

Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics with CD Extra

Creator: J. Gordon Leishman | Science - 2006-04-24

Rorke, J. B. and Moffitt, R. C. 1977. ... Moffitt, R. C., and Ward, J. F. 1972. ... " Helicopter Rotor Wake Geometry and Airloads and Development of Laser Doppler Velocimeter for Use in Helicopter Rotor Wakes," Massachusetts Institute of ...

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About this book
This book is modern treatment of the aerodynamic principles of helicopters and rotating-wing vertical lift aircraft. Part one covers the technical history of helicopter flight, and basic methods of rotor aerodynamics, and performance related design issues. Part two contains advanced topics in helicopter aerodynamics, including airfoil flows, unsteady aerodynamics, dynamic stall, and rotor wakes, and rotor-airframe aerodynamic interactions. Part three contains chapters on autogiros and advanced aerodynamic analysis and a new chapter on the aerodynamics of wind turbines. The book is extensively illustrated and contains homework problems.

Aviation Unit and Intermediate Troubleshooting Manual for Army AH-64A Helicopter, Theory of Operation

Hydraulic engineering - 1990

PURPOSE (26) The RC/MC supplies a + 20 V signal to each tensioner. ... PURPOSE The Point Target Weapon System (PTWS) is the helicopter's primary weapons system for the destruction of armor and other hardened targets. 20-6. ... Can employ three types of missile seekers: laser, RF/IR (not used), and IRIS (not used).

About this book
The Army AH-64A Helicopter Systems Theory of Operation manual (TM 1-1520-238-T-9) may be used in conjunction with the wiring information in the Army AH-64A Helicopter Wiring Diagrams manual to troubleshoot any fault not isolated by the appropriate maintenance operational check and the associated fault isolation procedures. It provides troubleshooting information and theory of operation information for the Army AH-64A Helicopter only.

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RC Helicopter Tools
There are a number of special RC helicopter tools and supplies that you will need in order to build and maintain your RC helicopter/s. This write-up is geared more ...

Skill Level / Type - The Best RC Helicopter: You Choose ...
What skill level are you at in rc? Or better yet, what skill level would you like to be at? This page is all about the 3 main difficulty levels and what to expect in ...

Build your own mini RC Helicopter | Hack N Mod
Everyone loves watching and flying RC copters with their speed, agility and acrobatic feats. Using a few mini high speed servos, standard dc motors and a

Coaxial RC Helicopter Hacks - YouTube
After last week's project, I got interested in making my coaxial helicopter fly better. I spent a few days trying different mods and this video explains ...


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    iPlay RC Battling Tanks -Set of 2 Full Size Infrared Radio Remote Control Battle Tanks - RC Tanks

    Toy (HQ)
    List Price: $169.95
    Price: $38.79
    You Save: $131.16 (77%)

    1 Brand New Set of 2 IR Battle Tanks. Retail Box Includes:
    2x A/C Wall Charger (110V) and Instructions
    2x Rechargeable 4.8V NI-CD battery
    2x Full Function Controllers
    2x Infrared Laser Battle Tanks.

  • World Tech Toys

    World Tech Toys Nano Battle Hercules Laser Tag 3.5CH IR RC Heli (Pack of 2)

    Toy (World Tech Toys)
    List Price: $123.99
    Price: $59.99
    You Save: $2.00 (3%)

    Coaxial Rotor & Single Rear Rotor
    3.5 Channel Transmitter
    Strong Body Construction
    LED Lights and Sounds
    IR Laser Combat System


    Propel RC Air Combat Battling Remote Control Helicopter-Red


    Unique frequencies-fly and battle with up to 8 pilots at once.
    Flight Stick controller for more realistic flight maneuvers.
    Fight in flight-fires infrared "shots" at your enemy's copter.
    Side counter lights illuminate when copters are hit-3 hits and the enemy copter spirals to the ground!
    Battle other Air Combat copters with advanced infrared laser technology.

  • Spin Master

    Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters

    Toy (Spin Master)
    List Price: $79.99

  • Laser Pegs

    Laser Pegs Assault Helicopter Building Kit

    Toy (Laser Pegs)
    List Price: $99.99
    Price: $19.99
    You Save: $80.00 (80%)

    Power Base is sound activated
    Includes 36 Laser Pegs, 169 Tinted Construction Bricks, Sound Activated Triangle Power Base, Instruction Manual
    Requires 3 AA Batteries, Not Included
    100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits

  • AEI Holding

    Propel - Air Combat Laser Battling Motion Controlled Helicopter - Green

    Toy (AEI Holding)
    List Price: $129.00
    Price: $58.31
    You Save: $70.69 (55%)

    Shift between two Speed Modes
    Requires 4 AAA batteries
    Controller work for both Left or Right handed individuals
    Realistic Flight-Stick Motion Control

  • Spin Master

    Air Hogs RC - Zero Gravity Laser Racer - Red

    Toy (Spin Master)

    Rating (278 reviews):
    Spin Master

    I read the reviews on a different airhog sale on amazon

    1/5 nicole misuraca - See all my reviews This review is from: Air Hogs RC - Zero Gravity Laser Racer - Red (Toy) When I was looking through these reviews, I noticed 1 thing in common with almost ALL the reviewer's.. THEY ALL GOT A FREE AIRHOG from the company that makes them, IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR REVIEWS! Not to mention THEY ALL START OFF PRETTY MUCH THE SAME WAY! It's like reading the SAME REVIEWS!So I'm assuming THEY are told them what to say in their reviews or it's people that work for the company posting comments. None of them bought the cars from amazon. They just made the rating go up with 5 star reviews. SHADY if you ask me.I saw other airhog cars for sale on amazon and the REVIEWS Were by HONEST PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE CAR AND SENT THEM BACK because they DID NOT CLIMB WALLS LIKE ADVERTISED..THEY WOULD &#34;DROP AFTER 2 FEET&#34; AND ONLY CLIMB OR CLING TO SMOOTHE SURFACES. DON'T TRUST THIS LISTING!READ THE 5 star reviews for yourself and you be the judge. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, November 17, 2014

    I wish I never wasted money on this

    1/5 All dogs go heaven (huntsville,AL) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Air Hogs RC - Zero Gravity Laser Racer - Red (Toy) I bought 2 of these for Christmas gift to my son and his friend about a year and half ago. I wish I never wasted money on this. Suction is weak and never worked.It only worked on the floor..not the wall as advertised. He played a few times on the floor and stopped working altogether..My son was really disappointed.. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, July 5, 2016

    Very bad product, just worked for a week and the ...

    1/5 Amazon Customer - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Air Hogs RC - Zero Gravity Laser Racer - Red (Toy) Very bad product, just worked for a week and the car stopped working. Amazon should not be selling it on its website. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, August 10, 2016
    List Price: $39.99
    Defy the laws of gravity with patented Wall Climbing Technology. Drive along the floor, up the wall or even upside down!
    The built-in infrared sensors chase the remote controls laser beam in any direction you point it.
    The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer is built for drivers ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries for operation.
    Includes: 1 Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer, 1 IR Controller/Charger, 1 User Instruction Guide
    It's fun, and easy to control. You have to see it to believe it!

  • World Tech Toys

    World Tech Toys Robocombat Gyro Laser Tag Battle Electric RTF RC Helicopter

    Hobby (World Tech Toys)
    List Price: $79.99
    Price: $29.99
    You Save: $50.00 (63%)

    LED Lighting
    Detailed Paint Job
    Sound Effects
    Coaxial Rotor
    Strong Body Construction