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Performance Data From a Wind-Tunnel Test of Two Main-Rotor Blade Designs for a Utility-Class Helicopter

The aerodynamic characteristics of the RC(4)-10 airfoil have been obtained but have not been reported on at this time. ... The rotating-blade data are transferred through a 30-channel slip-ring assembly. Rotor forces and moments are ...

368 pages

The Son Tay Raid, American POWs in Vietnam Were Not Forgotten

Creator: John Gargus | 2010-09-28

There they would provide fuel for two Air Force Combat Apple RC-135Ms and for one radio relay RC-135. ... Their aircraft would be configured with additional equipment to monitor four more UHF channels used by the raiders.

Publisher: TAMU Press

About this book
In May 1970, Aerial Photographs Revealed what U.S. military intelligence believed was a Pow camp near the town of Son Tay, twenty-three miles west of North Vietnam's capital city. When American officials decided the prisoners were attempting to send signals, they set in motion a daring plan to rescue the more than sixty airmen thought to be held captive.On November 20, a joint group of volunteers from U.S. Army Green Berets and U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces Perfectly executed the raid, only to find the prisoners' quarters empty; the POWs had been moved to a different location. Initially, the Son Tay raid was a devastating disappointment to the men who risked their lives to carry it out. Many vocal critics labeled it as a spectacular failure of our nation's intelligence network. However, subsequent events proved that the audacity of the rescue attempt stunned the North Vietnamese, who implemented immediate changes in the treatment of their captives. The operation also restored the prisoners' faith that their nation had not forgotten them.John Gargus not only participated in the planning phase of the Son Tay rescue, but also flew as a lead navigator for the strike force. This revised edition incorporates the most recent information from raid participants and also includes recent translations of North Vietnamese perspectives. No previous book on this top-secret action has given such a full account or such insight into both the execution and aftermath of Son Tay. This book will be an invaluable addition to the history and historiography of the Vietnam War.

168 pages

Maximum PC


The sim ships with a USB controller that mimics an actual Futaba 4-to-10 channel transmitter. The controller includes inputs and patch cords to connect the transmitter from your own RC kit, if you prefer to use that instead, ...

About this book
Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer fanatic, PC gamer or content creator must read. Each and every issue is packed with punishing product reviews, insightful and innovative how-to stories and the illuminating technical articles that enthusiasts crave.

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Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro in Blue color scheme. Flight Control Includes Up/Down, Left/Right Turn and Forward/Backward movements.

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Editor's picks

  • UDI

    New with Video Camera! UDI U13A 3 Channel 2.4GHz Metal RC Helicopter w/ Video Camera

    Toy (UDI)

    4-in-1 infra-red receiver assemble 3-axis gyro, ESC, mixer and receiver
    Metal alloy frame with elastic blades and flybar endure crash. Transmitter supports 3 channels for 3 heli fly at the same time
    Over charging protection prolong life span of Lipo battery. Over current protection technology
    channels for 6 directions: up, down, forward, backward, turn clockwise and anti-clockwise
    Good quality helicopter with camera to take pictures and videos

  • Buddies

    17 Inch RC Helicopter 4 Channel with Gyro and lights, Color Blue

    Toy (Buddies)
    List Price: $69.95
    Price: $44.95
    You Save: $25.00 (36%)

    Complete kit, ready to fly, only requires 8 AA batteries for the remote controller
    High quality ultrathin metal canopy with ultra light weight and strong impact resistance
    Free flight up, down, forward, backward, left, right, and hover with rapid response
    17 inch (43 cm) 4CH RC helicopter with built-in Gyro and colorful night lights
    The first RC helicopter that can fly outdoors in windy weather (outdoor wind grade 3-4 mph)

  • Haktoys

    Haktoys® HAK448 4 Channel 16" RC Helicopter, Gyroscope, Rechargeable, Ready to Fly, and with LED Lights - Colors May Vary

    Toy (Haktoys)
    List Price: $129.99
    Price: $79.99
    You Save: $16.99 (21%)

    Please Note: Do not leave the helicopter switched on when not in use.
    Length: 16" Width: 8.3" Height: 6.5" Product weight: 0.65 lbs. Main Rotor Diameter 13.5". Controls: forward / backward / up / down / left / right Intelligent R/C System. Full Scale Remote Control. 360 Precise Directional Movement. Smooth hovering performance.
    Indoor/outdoor copter flies up to 300 feet
    Package Contents: 1 x HAK448 Helicopter, 1 x 3.7V 700mah battery (built-in), 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Antenna, 1 x Wall charger, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Instructions Manual. REQUIRED: 6 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries for the Transmitter (Remote Control)
    Electric Powered, 4 Channel, Radio Control, Ultra Light Alloy Metal Body, Coaxial Rotor, Detailed Paint Job

  • Cool City Trading

    38cm Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz 4CH 4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter Gyro Big 450 Size (COLORS MAY VARY)

    Toy (Cool City Trading)

    Rating (199 reviews):
    Cool City Trading

    Great single rotor, four channel helicopter!!

    I purchased my Double Horse 9116 from a seller on Ebay. Got a great deal on it as well ($89.88- current price) with free shipping. I was very pleased with my experience from the Ebay seller.What's in the box?You will receive a very nice looking DH9116 4 channel electric helicopter measuring 19.5 inches in length if you stretch the main and tail rotors out front to back and measure tip to tip. It stands 5.5 inches tall if measured from the bottom of the skids to the top of the main rotor assembly. Main rotor length is 15 inches. The DH9116 is fully assembled and ready to fly (after it's charged). You will also receive a four channel, mode 2 radio with a high/low rate switch and four trim buttons. The radio also sports a lighted LCD screen that shows trim and stick positions as well as battery life. The menu button allows for stick reversing and set up for left or right handed flyers. You will also receive a wall charger, plug and manual.What is "Mode... 5/5 Kenneth Marcum "Harley Man" (Fort Wayne, IN. USA) - See all my reviews, December 30, 2011

    Big step up from the toy 3ch copters

    Someone already wrote a really nice review of this copter so I'll keep this fairly short. First and foremost, if you think you know how to fly helicopters from flying 3ch coaxial helicopters, you don't. Although they have provided you with some of the physics of rotary flight, they've also provided you with a huge comfort level in that they are able to hover continuously. Forget most of that with this one.A 4ch single rotor is getting the user closer to collective pitch flying will still providing a greater degree of safety via being able to hover for brief periods and with some input from the flyer. More challenging but a lot more fund when you've mastered it. This is a great beginner copter for someone who hopes to progress to 6ch CP and likes to fly outdoors. Most coaxials do very poorly in the wind, this does better. Still not great but able to be confidently flown in 5mph breezes.The copter itself is very well made IMO. Real hobbyists will... 5/5 tom4416 "bookie monster" (Virginia) - See all my reviews, January 18, 2012

    Love flying this heli! Great value.

    This was an upgrade from my strictly indoor Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Red dual-rotor helicopter. I had mastered the easy 3-channel Syma, and wanted to try a single rotor 4-channel. I have never flown any RC helicopters prior to the Syma, nor do I have any real-life aircraft piloting experience.Your experience may differ from mine, but thought I would share. I do not think the 9116 is an indoor helicopter, as it requires a lot of free open space to safely fly (without damaging the helicopter). It takes about 1.25 to 1.5 hours to fully charge the helicopter, and once you are used to flying this heli, it will be a LONG 1.5 hours to wait! It is slightly idiosyncratic at times, but "resets" easily when you turn off and turn on the helicopter (when it starts to act erratically after a full charge, at the beginning of your flight). Sometimes if you get if off the ground to about 3 to 5 feet you may notice the erratic behavior disappear (which may be due to "ground... 5/5 ppmd "Professional" (Arizona, USA) - See all my reviews = Durability:, February 11, 2012
    List Price: $149.95
    Price: $53.25
    You Save: $96.70 (64%)

  • Syma

    Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera

    Toy (Syma)

    Build-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky
    Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption. you could fly more helicopters at the same time, its reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control
    Equip with HD Camera
    A key 360o roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.
    Various control options for those piloting the X5 Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Leftward flight, Rightward flight.

  • Syma

    Syma F1 Armor Large 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Single Rotor RC Helicopter with Gyro

    Hobby (Syma)
    List Price: $59.99
    Price: $42.95
    You Save: $17.04 (28%)

    Great for Beginners
    Motor Type: Brushed
    Easy to Fly
    Stabile Flight Characteristics
    Battery Type: Lithium Ion (LiLO Battery)

  • JP Commerce

    4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF White&Blue

    Toy (JP Commerce)
    List Price: $119.95
    Price: $38.98
    You Save: $80.97 (68%)

  • WL

    4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF Red & White

    Toy (WL)

    High tenacity rotor wing.
    The first RC helicopter that can fly outdoor in wind weather (outdoor wind grade 3-4).
    Pioneering single propeller design, it can greatly avoid the resistence of wind.
    High quality ultrathin metal canopy with ultra light weight and strong resistance of impact.
    4CH 2.4G RC helicopter with built-in Gyro.

  • WL Toys

    Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel Fixed Pitch Ready to Fly Helicopter w/ bonus Battery, Balance Bar, Main Blade, Connect Buckle, Tail Blade, USB Charger

    Toy (WL Toys)

    Servo Cyclic Control
    LCD Transmitter/Fine Tuning
    Convenient Binding
    Indoor/Outdoor capability
    Dual Mode Operation

  • Neewer

    Neewer® Black and Orange 4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio 4 Channel Single Propeller RC Helicopter with Pioneering Single Propeller, Built-in Gyro and Remote Controller

    Toy (Neewer)

    4 channel digital proportional control.Built in Gyro for Extra Stability
    Complete Kit: 1 x Mini V911 4 Channel 2.4GHz Radio Control Helicopter;1 x Remote Controller; 1 x USB Cable;2 x Batteries;1 x Battery Charging Box; 2 x Main Blade; 1 x Tail Blade
    Can fly outdoor in the windy weather(out door wind grade 3-4)
    NOTE: Suitable for children of 16 years old&up
    Full function 4 channel radio control (Forward&backward; Turn left&turn right; 360 degrees turn; Left-side flying&right-side flying; Hovering up and down)