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Rc Helicopter Receiver

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394 pages

Service Robotics and Mechatronics, Selected Papers of the International Conference on Machine Automation ICMA2008

Creator: Keiichi Shirase, Seiji Aoyagi | 2009-11-06

The PWM signal processor reads PWM signals from radio control receiver, and it sends the values of PWM signals ... Figure 5 shows the experimental RC helicopters. 3 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS 3.1 Attitude holding system Helicopter moves with ...

Publisher: Springer Verlag

About this book
In a world suffering from an ageing population and declining birth rate, service robotics and mechatronics have an increasingly vital role to play in maintaining a safe and sustainable environment for everyone. Service Robotics and Mechatronics discusses the increasingly sophisticated technologies that are able to take human psychology and movement into account in order to support mankind both at work and at home. Mechatronics can also be used in the reconstruction or restoration of various environments which we rely upon to survive; for example the reconstruction of a city after an earthquake, or the restoration of polluted watersThis collection of papers was originally presented at the 7th International Conference on Machine Automation, 2008, in Awaji, Japan, and covers a variety of new trends in service robotics and mechatronics.Service Robotics and Mechatronics showcases the latest research in the area to provide researchers and scientists with an up-to-date source of knowledge and basis for further study, as well as offering graduate students valuable reference material.

311 pages

Combat robots complete, everything you need to build, compete and win

Creator: Chris Hannold | Technology & Engineering - 2002-08-26

A gyro, as used in model helicopters, reduces the amount of turning that a two- wheeled robot is likely to display and helps make the robot ... Most receivers normally run on a four-cell NiCd battery pack that comes with the RC setup.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

About this book
CD-ROM CONTAINS COMPLETE PLANS FOR BUILDING A BATTLING ROBOT AND FAQs. BUILD YOUR OWN METAL WARRIOR AND GET READY TO RUMBLE!Here's everything you need to jump into the fascinating and fun world of fighting robots - even if you don't have advanced electronic or engineering skills. The author, a five-year fighting bot and twenty-year bot veteran who has promoted robot combat events, offers priceless "insider info" covering everything from step-by-step guidance on constructing your first combat robot to the lowdown on the federations that sponsor or guide competitions. Three different "build reports" make constructing your own battling robot simple - even for first-timers. You'll learn everything you need to know about: Wiring - Design - Weapons Systems - Speed Control - Batteries - Motors Combat Robots Complete includes easy-to-use mathematical conversion tables to help you calculate variables such as distance, area, volume, temperature, energy, power, mass, force, speed, and angles. But "Combat Robots Complete doesn't stop with construction details, the author also gives you valuable hard-to-find data on: * The pros and cons of each type of robot design * Model selection * Cost * Ordering * Competition - including federations and their rules * Maintenance The CD-ROM contains a step-by-step guide to creating your own battling robot plus hundreds of FAQs that tap into the author's years of experience. PERFECT FOR FIRST-TIME ROBOT BUILDERS AS WELL AS MORE ADVANCED HOBBYISTS WHO WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF METAL BASHING METAL.

1396 pages

18th Digital Avionics Systems Conference

Creator: IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | Technology & Engineering - 1999-11

On the aircraft, the radio control receiver converts the incoming signal into pulse width modulated signals that drive ... A typical RC helicopter flies with five actuators: longitudinal cyclic (corresponds to elevator), lateral cyclic ...

Publisher: IEEE

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Because the RC-CAM current drain is about 400 milliamps @ 4.8V, your heli's NiCd batteries will discharge quickly. If you are using a Piezo gyro and have a ...

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